Friday, January 18, 2008

Tim Blair Explains More About The Cancer

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In what has to be one of Tim's best essays in a while, he explains a tough couple of months with the humor we'd expect:

Now, rectal exams remain an issue with men, who are urged to submit once we turn 50 and commence our bowel cancer years.

I'm here to tell you - they aren't so bad. The trick is to focus on something distracting while the procedure is under way.

Like, for example, the sturdy handle on the wall next to the specialist's exam table. It's fascinating. Why is it there? It seems entirely redund . . . OH MY GOD WHAT THE HELL JUST HAPPENED JESUS CHRIST SOMEONE HAS PARKED A FREAKING BUS UP ME!

That would be the sigmoidoscope, an intimate and determined examination device. Which explains the handle.
I think Tim knows just how many people care about his well-being and he's going to grab this cancer thing and kick its ass or arse as the Aussies are wont to say.


Anonymous said...

I hope it eats his ass.

Scott said...

Nice comment scumbag. Typical lib who snipes pseudonymously. Have a good life living with your vile, douchebag self, just waking up the morning and realizing who you are must be depressing.