Friday, January 18, 2008

Obama-Clinton Race Issue Returns Big Time

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So much for the racial truce they declared last week. Obama supporters hit Hillary hard and aren't the least bit subtle:

"Hillary Clinton does not respect our people," the ad says in Spanish (original and Clinton campaign translation after the jump), referring to the lawsuit that failed today to shut down special caucus sites on Las Vegas' strip. "Hillary Clinton is shameless."

"Sen. Obama is defending our right to vote. Sen. Obama wants our votes. He respects our votes, our community, and our people. Sen. Obama’s campaign slogan is 'Si Se Puede.' Vote for a president who respects us, and who respects our right to vote," the ad says, according to a transcript provided by the Clinton campaign and confirmed in part by a union official.
I guess the Shillary has the Teachers union to thank for this.

But wait, it gets better. On the GOP side, Huck goes nasty on McCain in ways that Rove never did.

This politics 2008 style. Hope you enjoy it.

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