Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Super Tuesday

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McCain may well be the nominee come one week from today and here's how: Giuliani is expected to drop today and endorse McCain, that will help the Maverick as it may well hand him New York and New Jersey. McCain's leading California handily at the moment with the lastest three polls showing him with a 12-15% lead over Romney.

Romney will win Massachusetts but in a shock, McCain has taken Rudy's votes in neighboring Connecticut based on this Courant poll. Missouri is now McCain's--a loss for Huckabee and with Arizona, Colorado and other states breaking his way, he has the momentum.

Romney will win two or three states (MA, UT, etc) and Huck will take a few southern states (Georgia, Mississippi) but the rest belong to Maverick and the race is his. One can only believe that Giuliani voters have only one option and that's to break towards the Straight Talker.

The Dem side is mush more fluid and I'll get into it later today.

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