Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Huckabee Slash & Burn Strategy

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Mike Huckabee is a ruthless campaigner and politics is a contact sport but the Baptist minister has set a new standard for scum-bag campaign tricks. Now it's a push poll against Fred Thompson from the man who said he doesn't endorse the exact type of campaign he is now running:

Mark my words, should Huckabee win the nomination, the GOP will be a party in schism for a decade. The social moderates and social conservatives will battle it out with the evangelical populists for the soul of the party with one group led by Huckabee allowing higher taxes and amnesty while the other struggling to bring the party back it's Reaganist roots of strong defense, low taxes and states rights.

Huckabee is exactly like the last Southern Baptist preacher we elected from the South. Huck is Jimmy Carter with red state rhetoric.

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