Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Did She See the Same Debate I Did?

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Taylor Marsh has been a Hillary shill for years and today she takes it to new heights:

Edwards was a significant force, but he cannot win the nomination.

Clinton was steady, strong and unflinching, playing beyond South Carolina.

Obama was tight from the start, but when it came to defending his votes, health care, or Rezko, he just didn't meet the bar needed for a bruising general election.

But everyone following this primary race better savor it. Reflect on it now and drink it in. You will not see the likes of this in a lifetime. It was the super bowl of debates -- sorry, excited about the Giants -- and I don't say that lightly.

As a woman, however, I must say I've been waiting for this moment for a lifetime. Clinton doesn't blink when bashed. She doesn't flinch when fighting back. You never worry about a gaffe or that she can take the attacks. Hillary Clinton simply never gives up or hands her opponent a point. Watching this, I'm having the time of my life and it's on nights like these that the fatigue, the pains, the sleeplessness and all the rest are worth it.
Edwards was horrific at best and Obama kept his wits mostly about him and took on Hillary with out halting. He was respectful of the fact that she's a candidate but also hit her when he had to.

I have no dog in that there fight but was Taylor Marsh watching what I was watching? Edwards should have dropped out of the race a week or more ago and Hillary has done nothing to ingratiate herself to those Democrats who were on the fence about her. Worse for Hillary, she has done even more to damage her reputation among the coveted Independents who will truly be the deciders of this election in November. Marsh can't look past her own prejudices about Obama (and no, not racial prejudice) and see just how well he's playing to the base.

Marsh's finale:

What a depressing night to be a Republican.
No, to be honest I am buoyant. The Dems did nothing to make anyone respect them or like them any more than before. They've not talked about the the War on Terror and it's core component the war in Iraq, Social Security or the economy except for worthless platitudes. The Dems will have a far more difficult time coming back to the middle than the GOP and that will kill them in the general.

Marsh and her ilk have never actually thought that this is one campaign in which the GOP should be a non-issue, yet the quality of candidates on the Dem side has ensured us that it will be close up til election day. That speaks volumes.

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