Sunday, February 04, 2007

The War on Terror Update

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Sunni's in Baghdad decided to appeal to hearts and minds by blowing up a truck in a packed market. The explosion was timed for the dinner hour when shoppers would be everywhere. They succeeded in murdering 150+ people.

Britain is in the midst of an upheaval in Muslim terror. The renaming of the capital as Londonistan is not that far off. Europe has a major problem and our western mores will not allow us to effectively fight that problem. Meanwhile in France, while the country is fighting this battle, the French authorities are worried about a book that teaches creationism. Priorities are tres important, oui?

A senior Iranian nuclear scientist died under "mysterious" circumstances. The Irananians blame Israel. I hope they're right. Note that every incident reported on above pushes the Iranian nuke story to the back burner. By Iran sowing a civil war, they buy themselves valuable time to get the warheads completed and fitted on missiles. The NY Times dutifully downplays the reports out of Iran that they are advancing towards their stated goals.

As is always the case, the Democrat party is having trouble getting everyone to unite on the war. Thank the good Lord the GOP was in charge on 9/11 or we'd still be debating what to do.

Lastly, the battles between Hamas and Fatah have led the Palestinians into a quagmire they will not soon escape from. Remember all those who said to give them a state because the evil Israeli apartheid against them was unjust? Well, they have had self-rule for awhile and have proven that Israeli's actually kept the two sides from attacking.

Photo by Reuters.

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