Monday, February 05, 2007

Damn It's Friggin' Cold

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We had really mild temps throughout early January. We're now paying for it in spades. It was 9 degrees F this manana and it's not going away tomorrow.

It's not just brrr cold. I'm talking face freezing, tongue sticking to a pole cold like that dude in A Christmas Story.

Please run every fossil fuel burning engine you have so we can get the global warming days back.


Update: Polar Bears will thrive and Iceland is seeing something you won't ever hear Al Gore talk about:

Last week's return of the pack ice to Iceland initially suggested that those predictions might have been overly pessimistic.

"I have lived here my whole life, but I have never seen so much pack ice before," said Helgi Árnason, a farmer in -Dyrafjördur.

"Forty years ago, large icebergs drifted on to beaches but it was nothing compared with this.

"[Pack ice] used to be Iceland's ancient enemy, but we stay calm so long as the situation doesn't worsen. This is just to remind us where we live."

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