Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Poor Man's Al Gore

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Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is an absolute authority on global warming because he's a KENNEDY and must be all good and knowing:

The macro impacts of global warming--catastrophic storms, flooded coastlines, melted icecaps, shrinking glaciers, dwindling water supplies and agricultural disruptions are finally getting some attention by America's lethargic press. But the seismic shifts in global weather patterns are already dramatically altering the local ecosystems that for eons have defined America's landscape. Nature has achieved a balance that has been relatively stable for 20,000 years. The reliable milestones of its annual rhythms--like flowers blooming and robins returning in the spring, and animals hibernating in winter--form the pulse and fabric of the passing years. They connect us to our history, give context to our communities and form the foundation of American culture, our art, literature, poetry and architecture.

I have an idea, Bobby. Why don't we build windmills to generate power naturally thus lowering fossil fuel consumption. I recommend we build them off of Martha's Vineyard near the Kennedy compound in Hyannisport. Uh, nevermind, Uncle Teddy, in concert with that other epitome of virtue Walter Cronkite hypocritically shot that down, didn't he?

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