Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Newsweek: 24 A "Neocon" Sex Fantasy

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Newsweek Online actually wrote those words. Check out this video, and note that the Newsweek rep is a little put out by the show. He said something akin to "that's not real, those things aren't happening".

Yeah bud, tell that to the British:

Old Jack Bauer really has the left up in arms so to speak. They hate everything about the show, the portrayal of Muslims as the terrorists, the use of alternate means of extracting information and the vision of a nuke obliterating a portion of Los Angeles. They're actually past outrage, they are into full on hand wringing and conniptions. If we don't pay attention to them soon, they may get t the point of downright condemnation like little, strike that, they already are at that point.

What fun. H/T: Hot Air

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