Sunday, January 14, 2007

Fighting Iran in Iraq

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For those liberals who wring their hands at the thought of war with Iran, I have only one thing to say; we are already at war with them:

President George W Bush has ordered US forces to launch a military offensive against Iranian officials and Revolutionary Guards officers behind a support and funding network for anti-American fighters in Iraq.

Mr Bush signed the clandestine directive after he was given new intelligence on the scale of Iranian operations to foment violence in Iraq.

I further tell you that all of that inane babbling you did about Iraq having no ties to al-Qaeda because Saddam was secular and al-Qaeda was not was wrong. The idea of a secular Iraq working with bin-Laden is alot more plausible than Shia's and Sunni's working together, but here you are:

In a further development, US intelligence has learnt that the Shia-led Islamic regime is backing Sunni insurgents in Iraq, as well as the murderous militia operated by its fellow Shia clerics.

Iran's policy of pursuing "managed chaos" in Iraq is mainly conducted by the Revolutionary Guards' Quds (Jerusalem) Force, the military's foreign arm, which also supports the Shia Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Sunni Hamas in the Palestinian territories.

Shia and Sunni armed factions have for months been fighting a vicious sectarian conflict, murdering thousands of civilians. But the top Quds commander arrested late last month - known by the alias Chizari - was carrying documents that showed links with both sides, according to a senior official.

Here we have Iran fighting the US and our allies by proxy. They are trying to build nuclear weapons and we are supposed to do nothing. The anti-war types have been repeatedly proven wrong, yet they keep talking.

We are in big trouble over the next two years.

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