Thursday, January 11, 2007

Defending Those We Abhor

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Spocko is the proprietor of a blog. He took issue with a local Frisco radio station and their Conservative commentary. He contacted the advertisers who air on the station and some withdrew their ads. They got serious and involved lawyers.

Read the whole thing. Based on what I've read, I have to support Spocko. He's a blogger like me, a small one at that, like me.

This is one time where I have to support the lib even though he aligns with Fire Dog Lake and the vile Kos. I pretty much detest every word the dude has written, yet he's fighting for all bloggers. He posts maybe once a week or twice at most and he doesn't have a Sitemeter to see what numbers he gets.

He posted at Blogintegrity in a rather long post, which included the words Keith Olberman and I couldn't finish it, but that site has been getting major hits over the last month.

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