Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Note to the MSM--Abramoff Is Old News & In Jail

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The Washington Post felt obliged to dredge up Jack Abramoff and his former deeds for no other reason than to tar the GOP:

These days he makes no more than 40 cents an hour for his labors at the federal prison camp at Cumberland, Md. But Christmas 2001 was a far more high-flying holiday for Republican lobbyist Jack Abramoff, who then was paid as much as $500 an hour.

Back then -- before he pleaded guilty to defrauding banks in a deal to buy a casino cruise line -- Abramoff was a top rainmaker at Greenberg Traurig's Washington office and liked to be generous at this time of year, at least to those who could help him. He compiled a list of 45 people to whom his staff was supposed to send gifts such as a Baccarat crystal bowl and a platinum Tiffany clock.

I guess the Spiro Agnew, Richard Nixon and Mark Foley stories are set for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I'm curious how much sitting and recently re-elected US Representative William Jefferson (D-LA) makes in an hour to afford to keep $90,000 in his freezer? What are Robert Toricelli and Jim McGreevey up to this Christmas? I guess the WaPo couldn't get a copy of his gift list.

Yet another reason why newspaper circulations are down dramatically.

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