Wednesday, December 20, 2006

A NH Liberal's Xmas

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Too funny:

We had a bit of trouble getting into the solstice spirit at the neighborhood holiday party when Jenny suspected the eggnog was made using neither hormone-free milk nor free range eggs. One of the neighbors -- knuckle-dragging neoconservative Neanderthal that he is -- made a sarcastic comment about the United Nations flag we display from our front porch, and when we noticed the music included non-secular carols, we decided it was time to go home early. I used the extra time to pen a letter to the editor complaining about insensitive and unconstitutional creche displays.

Our family boycott of Wal-Mart is now in its third year as our anger seethes unabated at the way that evil multinational provides jobs to low skilled workers. Any enlightened person knows the only good jobs are in high tech, the caring professions, and higher education. We are outraged on behalf of those poor Wal-Mart workers obliviously cashing their checks each week without even knowing they are being exploited. This corrupt creeping capitalism is coordinated by Cheney's crony cabal!

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