Thursday, November 02, 2006

Kerry Eats Up Another News Cycle

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And it's killing the donks.

The best piece I've read about the Kerry comments is in a British paper:

...With a week to go before the mid-term elections and Democrats poised to win the 15 seats they need to win back the House of Representatives – and perhaps even the six to bag the Senate – Republicans were praying for an "October surprise".

Kerry left it late, until Halloween, but the Grand Old Party was not about to look this gift horse in the mouth. On the 2000 campaign trail, Bush told me that politics was "like judo – you use your opponent's energy to your advantage". A gaffe by a politician only has real legs when it reinforces an existing perception. And so it has been in this case. Kerry has long had a reputation as a haughty Boston Brahmin, a privileged, elitist, condescending careerist who cannot relate to ordinary Americans.

In contrast, on the stump this week Bush has shown that whatever his faults – and there are many – that he still has that indispensable political gift of speaking simply to ordinary people rather than talking down to them.

I've written more on the Bush appeal here.

Update: Gateway Pundit just got a mention from Rush for this post, which sure makes ABC look incredibly stupid. GWP is destroying Kerry on this issue.

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