Wednesday, October 04, 2006

No Benefit of the Doubt

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Whenever a suspected terrorist, traitor or rapist cries that his civil rights have been violated, the ACLU runs to protect them and the left applauds. Most times it turns out that the suspect in question actually committed a crime.

Here we have a case of a girl who was reading the Bible in school on her own time and the school made her stop and threatened her.

Of course, people like those at Feministe do not believe this young girl would actually sit there and read quietly:

Something else is going on in this case. Maryland’s not exactly a hotbed of antichristian sentiment. This kid’s a “new Christian,” which makes me think she’s in the zealous-convert stage. Was she really just sitting quietly reading the Bible to herself, or was she proselytizing, reading aloud, annoying other students?

There is absolutely no indication that the girl proselytizing. All evidence suggests the girl was doing just as the piece says--sitting reading quietly.

The knee-jerk reaction to anything Christian astounds me. I guess you only get the benefit of the doubt from the left if you're a jailed terrorist claiming the Koran was flushed when no facts supported it.

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