Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Islam = Von's?

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Well according to this guy it does:

An Egyptian professor has stirred up a hornet's nest among his fellow Muslims by comparing the Koran with a supermarket where you can find whatever you are looking for.

Hassan Hanafi's remarks, made at a seminar organized by the Alexandria Library, have sparked a fierce response, from demands that he retract them to suggestions that he might be mad.

Well if a few cartoons gets them rampaging and the Pope quoting an ancient text gets him death threats, I'd imagine that comparing the Religion of Peace (TM) to a place where you can get condoms, bacon, pork chops and a six pack of good, imported beer will have them ripping down the Egyptian embassy in Karachi.

Don't worry, Sheikh al-Shaka ain't taken this lying down:

Sheikh Mustafa al-Shaka, from Al-Azhar's Center on Islamic Research, accused Hanafi of being a "marxist" for "uttering such nonsense totally divorced from Islam.

"If apostasy is proven, he who becomes an ex-Muslim should be executed," Shaka said. In Hanafi's case, however, "he deserves medical treatment, because he has a psychiatric problem".

Mr. Hanafi, the Satanic Verses suite at the Hotel Undisclosed Location is awaiting your arrival. You can read what happened to others who "disrespected" Islam in the article.

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