Thursday, October 26, 2006

It's Those Damn "Youths" Again

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French "youths" attacked a bus with what sounds to me like a molotov cocktail or similar device:

Youths in the Paris suburbs have attacked two buses on the eve of the first anniversary of rioting among immigrant communities.

In Nanterre, northwestern Paris, about 10 passengers fled a bus as masked youths set it ablaze, police said.

A similar attack happened in Bagnolet, eastern Paris, where a youth held a gun to the bus driver's head while others set it on fire, officials said.

Police report a spate of youth violence ahead of the anniversary.

Alright, we're geting closer to determining who these "youths" are, they are immigrant "youths". Hmm, I bet it's the Irish:

Several hundred youths, of largely African and North African descent, marched to the National Assembly in Paris on Wednesday to present a list of complaints to the government.

Okay, we're narrowing it further, they are from Africa and North Africa. I'm beginning to think it's the Hutus. Let's see if we can figure it out:

"Lots of people don't believe what we're doing. They don't understand the potential," Abdel Zahiri, one of the marchers, told the Associated Press news agency.

Hmmm, Abdel Zahiri is one of the "youths", judging by his name, I'd say he's Episcopalian.


"There were at least 10 passengers on board, who only just had enough time to get out. Thankfully there was nobody with any handicaps on board, or it could have ended badly," he told the AFP news agency.

Well, whoever these "youths" are, I hope they can stop them. Perhaps a little discussion will make them see the error of their ways and they'll go home and stop trying to kill people.

I just hope the French police who have been targeted don't profile anyone because the BBC will get really upset with them if they do.

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