Saturday, October 14, 2006

Happy Birthday US Navy

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The US Navy began in 1775 as a means to harrass British shipping and try to delay the materials that were the lifeline for the British army. These were tough men from the coastal towns of New England and the barrier Islands of the Carolinas. They knew every inch of the Chesapeake Bay and the Hudson River. John Glover and his "marblehead" men were as much a part of Amercan victory than any other force.

From those beginnings rose a navy that was unprecedented. A navy that could extend American power in defense of her interests anywhere on the globe.

When I think of US Navy sailors, I think of the sacrifices and the valor of those who fought in WWII. Whether it was geting troops to shore at Normandy or the Battles of Midway and Coral Sea, they showed what it is to be a US Navy sailor.

The Navy today is far different than it was in the early 1940's, today we have ships capable of monitoring major battles from a computer screen and carriers that can deliver a major air contingent in days. We have submarines that can lay undetected off an enemy coast and launch a cruise missile with pinpoint accuracy. We also have crews manning these vessels that have the same heart as those who were in John Paul Jone crew aboard the Bonhomme Richard.

To my old brethren who served aboard the USS Schenectady, enjoy the day.

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