Friday, October 13, 2006

Air America Hits the Skids

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And not soon enough. $20-million in liabilities and $4-million in assets, that translates to a product that no one likes and bad business management.

Randi Rhodes and Al Franken were the cornerstones of this train wreck and it lost money on a daily basis proving that people either don't care what liberals have to say or hear what they are saying and don't like it. Either way it's a win.

Adios Air Scamerica, and remember to pay back the kids you stole from.

Of course the lefties will come up with a million reasons why it failed except for the only true reason; it sucked.

Let's start with this idiot who says it was not elite enough for the elite:

Let me tell why I think it failed. I believed in the concept, however, I don't think the format was correct. To me, Air America tried to be the 'polar opposite' of right wing talk, instead of being it's own personna. When you listened to any program, you got Hannity, Limbaugh, Oreilly and Savage. This will work for a demographic of inbred Alabama rednecks and other republicans, but not for the liberal elite.

Yeah, Rush's 40-million listeners are all Alabama rednecks. He's #1 in NY and most other major cities.

Another lib tack is to slam the whole concept of a package deal and to try to sell the individual parts. please try that so we can watch them fail again.

The MSNBC death watch now is on.

Update: I know this is fish in a barrel easy, but it sure is fun.

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