Monday, October 02, 2006

The Foley Story Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

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Alright, what's going on to date?

A senior Congressman has resigned due to some really creepy e-mails to a male, teenage page. These e-mails may or may not have been altered. A gay rights group has been after Representative Foley for awhile and a story that pages were warned of his deviant sexual appetites has been rebutted.

So, what's it all mean? I haven't a clue. Follow the links above and read it for your self. It has reached the Speaker of the House and he's calling for the DOJ to investigate.

Drudge uses the way-back machine and reminds us of another scandal in which the politician in question actually had sex with a minor, served time and was pardoned by the outgoing president at a time when he should have been thinking of bagging Osama.

Any way it turns out, this whole episode disgusts me. We have a gay rights group threatening a congressman who is a potential pedophile--even though we've been told for years that pedophilia has nothing to do with homosexuality. We also have the Democrats making political hay out of the whole sordid affair.

You can crash a car and leave a woman to die as Teddy Kennedy did, or serveas a Kleagle in KKK as Byrd did, but don't send e-mails to minors trolling for sex. The hypocrisy meter is redlining.

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