Monday, October 02, 2006

Another Election, Another Bush-Bashing Book

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This time from the always arrogant Bob Woodward. Why Woodward has any standing anymore is beyond me, but I guess bringing down a pseudo-Republican president entitles you to have gravitas for thirty years after the fact.

It's becoming as regular as turning back the clock, come late September or early October during election years, the cottage industry that is BDS publishes anti-Bush screeds and every year Bush beats them. It's redundant.

I don't expect this time to be that much different. My analysis stands--the GOP will retain both the House and Senate.

Update: Woodward, his publisher and the WaPo intentionally held it until now:

Woodward replied that he had not waited "to make a splash, but to assemble the whole story," and then go to the White House and Pentagon and CIA and ask, "What did you do?" He added: "Simon & Schuster and my bosses at the Washington Post said the only real obligation here is to tell it before the election.

Has any president ever had to deal with the daily sniping from the media that Bush has faced since his first inauguration?

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