Monday, October 16, 2006

The BBC is on the Firing Line

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And for good reason. They're attempting to withold a report (one that was compiled at tax-payer expense, mind you) that shows they've been biased against Israel. This may be one more nail in the Beeb's coffin.

Most people don't understand how the BBC is funded, so let's explain a bit. If you own a television in Britain, you have to pay a tax that supports the BBC (Australia also has the same policy with the Australian Broadcasting Corp.) This is mandatory.

Imagine in the US if we were forced to pay for what was for years the only available TV (we do support PBS to some extent but they rely on donations as well.) We have a free-market system in which hundreds of stations are available for just about every taste.

The BBC has a monopoly and with absolute power have been corrupted absolutely. Their bias in legendary as shown by Natalie Solent's Biased BBC, which tracks it daily.

Hat tip: Mein Blogovault.

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