Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Thank You Australia (Again)

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The Aussies took out 150 or so Taliban in action that was their largest since Vietnam:

Six commandos were wounded when they were hit by a rocket-propelled grenade during nine days of brutal fighting in southern Afghanistan.

A sergeant-major sustained serious leg injuries in the July battle.

Several soldiers will be awarded gallantry medals for their actions.

The Special Forces Task Group used superior weapons and overwhelming airborne fire support from US Spectre gunships to annihilate enemy forces.

The battle was part of Operation Perth, a year-long special forces deployment in Afghanistan.

Others helped:

The vehicles are so bullet riddled that the Federal Government has approved the rapid purchase of $74 million worth of replacements.

The Australians have been operating with special forces troops from the US, Canada, Holland and other countries from the Middle East region that cannot be named.

Thanks mates.

It seems that the only battle tested western soldiers will be from Oz, Britain, Holland, Poland Canada and the US. Freedom may well depend on them.

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