Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Reason #2,546,677 Americans Hate Liberals

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They whine incessantly:

Greetings from New York City. This morning, I had to drive into Manhattan, and I stalled in traffic that stretched all the way back to the Prospect Expressway thanks to Bush's visit to Ground Zero. Hopefully unrelated to the fact that I was stuck in a car, I think I understand a psychological motive for Bush hatred now: By using September 11 to aggregate power for himself, and to make his opponents--you, me, and every other liberal who needed to feel like we could trust our leaders after we were attacked--feel disloyal to their country, he prevented us from healing. Maybe that's why, sometimes, being an American can feel like being the walking dead.

It was al-Qaeda who attacked my little unhealed friend. Bush didn't make you feel disloyal to your country, I think that was this thing they call guilt for being...well, disloyal maybe? I'm a Republican and we never really feel it so I couldn't tell you the symptoms. But based on what I've read, that's sounds like what you have.

Anyway, the wailing continues:

Q104.3, NYC's better classic-rock station, is playing songs to help the city cope today. I'm not ashamed to admit that it was during the first chorus of "Pink Houses" that I momentarily lost it. Everyone, let's just get through today.

I cry when I hear that song too. Mostly because the song friggin' blows.

H/T: Tim Blair

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