Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Stick a Fork In Air America

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Air Scamerica--the highly unprofitable alternative to Rush and Hannity--is entering bankruptcy.

Think Progress tries to spin it, but you end up a pretzel spinning it into anything but what it was, a huge mistake that America didn't listen to or care about.. The reason it didn't succeed was simply that liberals have no conviction when spewing their talking points. They sound as if they're saying things without really meaning what they say. "I hate Bush" or "Bush is an idiot" is funny the first or second time I suppose (at least to the Air America average listener,) but by the fifth time or one hundredth time it gets old. Another reason is that liberals just have no sense of humor and lack to ability to laugh at themselves and their ideology. Add it all up and it just makes for really horrible radio.

(Note: Think Progress just got a Drudgelanche so I imagine access will be limited)

Read the comments to the TP post, these people are deluding themselves. Typical.

That sound you here is my cold Republican heart pumping piss for Air America and their listeners. I do feel bad for the five employees they summarily fired with no severance, I hope they can feed their familes this week. I thought only evil Republicans did things like that.

Update: How delusional are they? Get a load this garbage:

I’m not terribly surprised that Air America is having financial problems. Liberals don’t have the people with deep pockets willing to subsidize them as conservatives do. Liberals are also much less likely to listen to one-sided talk radio, while conservatives appear to thrive on having their thoughts fed to them.

Let's discuss this for a second. First, Our little friend says "Liberals don't have the people with deep pockets to subsidize them as conservatives do." Hmm, George Soros and many Hollywood lefties have been subsidizing AA since the start, including a few scams thrown in.

Second, conservative radio doesn't have to be subsidized because it sells advertising, lots of advertising. That's called a free market and capitalism. People like conservative talk, advertisers place ads, the conservative host gets a huge contract and the radio stations make money.

It's so funny how Liberals think something has to be "subsidized" to continue, they just don't get the capitalism thing.

As for libs not listening to one-sided radio, I guess he listened to Air Scamerica and the well-known conservative leaning and completely government subsidized NPR so he gets both views, left and far-left.

These people are so unintentionally hilarious.

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