Thursday, September 14, 2006

Bush Scores Twice

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Two major pieces in the war on terror are making it through committee and should be voted into law soon:

That bill, which could come before the Senate next week, is considered by many to be a ratification of the administration's current surveillance program, which monitors the overseas phone calls and e-mails of some Americans when one party is suspected of links to terrorism. The program has been attacked by Democrats and civil liberties advocates as an excessive encroachment on Americans' privacy.

...At the same time, the House Armed Services Committee voted 52 to 8 to ratify the White House's version of legislation creating military commissions for trying terrorism suspects. The measure would give Bush the authority he seeks to withhold classified evidence from defendants, admit testimony that defendants might maintain was coerced, and protect U.S. intelligence agents from legal action over their interrogation methods. House Republican leaders plan to bring the tribunal bill to a vote next week.

I'm not a lawyer so I will defer to those who are. But, these two bills seem logical in the fight to protect Americans and America.

Hugh Hewitt thinks the GOP will use this as a hammer in the election, I tend to agree. For an idiot, Bush sure does seem to outfox these people regularly.

Lefty reaction here and a simplistic view here.

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