Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Welcome Back Mike!

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Mike Drummond recently returned from Iraq to his eagerly awaiting family. I've chronicled Mike's mothers great work previously here, here and here (please take a second to read).

I for one will never forget when Leslie wrote these words:

From the very beginning, when the President told us that we were going to the Middle East, he asked us to be patient and that it may take some time to complete the mission to build democracy in Iraq. Well, my son and many others signed up for the military knowing that he would likely be deployed there. My son is now in Iraq, my son-in-law is in the Airforce in Japan and my other son-in-law is in the Coast Guard and works for Homeland Security. I stand by all of the brave men and women who knowingly put themselves in this position. This position is an honorable position and deserve nothing less than our respect and continued support. They also deserve to know that even though we may be scared for them, we are willing to be patient for them. They deserve to know that all Americans appreciate them stepping up to the plate for us. It is so sad to see a woman continue to generate negative attention on behalf of her fallen son. I hope I never have to endure her pain, but the possibility is real in my life and I can tell you that no matter what happens, I will always support and honor my son and my son in laws no matter what happens. I will always generate positive attention for all of the troops, they deserve nothing less.

The president said that the time for pulling out of Iraq will be dictated by the military officials, not politicians in Washington. He is right. I have talked to many soldiers since the beginning of my club and I can tell you that I take stock in what I am told by the soldiers who are in Iraq, not those who are watching everything on TV like the rest of us. I will listen to the ones who come home with sand in their fingernails and pride in their eyes because they did wonderful things in Iraq.

I have to believe our President as he honors our military men and women with passion in his eyes. Those are my sons that he is talking about when he speaks of them with honor.

Thank you Mike and thank you to all who serve. You've already earned our respect, now you have our eternal gratitude.

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