Tuesday, August 08, 2006

The Stupidest Poll of the Week

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AFP has reported the results of a poll that has yielded shocking results. No, not that Republicans like Lieberman and looney lefties don't. No, not that screaming moonbats prefer the title Bushitlermcchimpyhaliburton over Chimpybushitlerzionistpigfascisti (but you could imagine that poll being taken of Daily Kos or Fire Dog Lake).

No, the misguided little frogs have decided that it was worthy of their time to print the results of a poll asking Palestinians who they favor: Hezbollah or Israel:

Hezbollah had the support of 97 percent of Palestinians, compared with three percent who said they were opposed to the group (those 3% have been taken out, tortured and shot as collaborators methinks--ed), according to the poll.

It said that 93 percent of Palestinians thought that two Israeli soldiers captured in a July 12 cross-border raid that sparked the war in Lebanon should not be released unconditionally even if it means an easing of the conflict.

Six percent of those questioned said the soldiers should not be released under any circumstances but one percent said they should be freed without conditions to put an end to the Israeli offensive.

I for one am shocked. Shocked that there were three percent who didn't agree with the majority.

I love the way AFP spelled Ramallah wrong.

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