Friday, August 11, 2006

A Midterm Battle

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Republicans are getting energized according to released data. 96% of Republicans are either "almost certain" or "very likely" to vote in November. That is an astounding number.


The memo also helps to define what issues work for Republican candidates. The survey--officially tilted "Base Mobilization Survey Finds and Conclusions"--divided the issues into foreign and domestic. On the foreign side, it's all terrorism and war with polling that finds GOP voters back the war, worry about Democratic attacks on the fight against terrorism, and think the Patriot Act, moves to tighten the border, and even telephone surveillance are good things. And their favorite domestic issues aren't a surprise: They are pro-tax cuts, big on cultural values, and worried that Democrats want to put too much bureaucracy in healthcare. Another nonshocker: They don't like the media's war stories, thinking that they are too negative. Some 60 percent of the GOP base expresses "extremely high dissatisfaction" with the coverage of the war.

On the Democrat side, Harry Reid thinks that typical donk red meat items such as healthcare and lax abortion laws will energize independents:

RENO, Nev. (AP) - Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said Wednesday he expects the Democrat who knocked off Sen. Joe Lieberman in Connecticut's Democratic primary to win in November and remains convinced his party will gain at least five Senate seats in the fall elections.

He also shows what kind of leader he is:

"I love Joe Lieberman. Joe and I have campaigned together, legislated together. But it is pretty simple when you're Democratic leader and somebody wins a Democratic primary," Reid said. He said he considered holding out for Lieberman, "but I think I'd be subject to a lot of criticism."

You wouldn't want any criticism, huh Harry? That is a microcosm of the state of the Democratic party. President Bush makes decisions based on what is important for the country regardless of the backlash. Harry Reid makes decisions based on the amount of criticism he'll recieve. He threw his colleague under the bus--as have all Democrats--and when Lieberman wins, he'll remember it.

Which leader would you rather elect?

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