Friday, August 11, 2006

A Lefty Conundrum

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Australia hosted a demonstration of typical lefties commemorating the Hiroshima bombing by the US in 1945. You know the types, Greens, Marxists, etc...the new left essentially. We see them in the US at places like Daily Kos and that ilk.

Anyway, the Hiroshima demonstration quickly became an anti-Israel demonstration if this picture is to be believed (no doctoring that I can determine):

Note the Lebanese flags and "the Greens" signs.

The misguided "Anonymous Lefty" is a bit perplexed:

The article is about a protest in Melbourne yesterday, on the 61st anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. It looks like there wasn't much consensus regarding what the protest was actually about, though. According to the article, it was about:

*condemning Israel's attacks on Lebanon;
*rejecting nuclear energy as a power source; and
*not selling uranium overseas.

I'm not sure what the link is between the first and the remainder. Is it possible that the Hiroshima anniversary protest was about nuclear power, and the people who wanted to complain about Lebanon just showed up because they saw a crowd of people protesting about something else and wanted some company?

It's funny that lefties have a really hard time looking at themselves and those they associate with. They've become dhimmi's and don't even know it (or care). He continues:

Anyway, I can see the Greens agreeing with the nuclear points (I presume that's why they were there), and (with certain caveats) with the other (provided there was also condemnation of Hezbollah and Hamas) - but what did the burning of the Israeli flag achieve? Obviously it wasn't burnt by one of the Greens (they're in the background), and obviously you can't control the behaviour of other people at a protest (they're by their nature a free-for-all type of event), but it's a pity the people holding those signs weren't quicker in getting them away from the nutter with the burning flag.

Nice spin, that. The anti-Israel contingent knows that they will have the support of the lefty crowd, it happens in every lefty demonstration. Look at the picture, do you see any condemnation? Me neither, I see cheering. How many times have you seen a group of people burning any flag let alone an Israeli one at an event supporting the troops? Short answer, none. If they were to attempt that, they would be most likely pummeled and tossed.


The spin-doctors of the right are already trying to paint the Left as anti-semites. And being photographed next to a burning Israeli flag... well, it makes their job easier.

Note that he hasn't quite realized that the left is anti-Semitic because they've chosen to ally themselves with Islamo-fascists. He's upset about how they would be portrayed instead of taking a wider view and seeing that the portrayal is now an accurate one.

Tim Blair has more.

Update: Jackie Mason takes paleo-conservative Robert Novak to the woodshed.

Update 2: To all those who think that if we just be nice to the terrorists they will leave us alone, I give you this:

Angelo Frammartino, a 24 year-old student from Italy who arrived in Israel as a human rights organization activist, was stabbed to death Thursday by an Arab knifeman.

"He believed in what he did and was always ready to help others," a friend described him.

The website of Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera reported that Frammartino was working for the setting up of a children's supper camp for Palestinians in Jerusalem's Old City, and was supposed to return to Italy on Friday.

The youth was stabbed in the back while walking with four friends in the Sultan Suleiman street in the capital, near the Prahim Gate.

...It is believed that the attack was a nationalistically motivated terror attack, and not an attempted robbery.

...Frammartino, a resident of Monta Rotondo, arrived in Israel at the start of the month with an Italian organization, ARCI, working to advance human rights in the world.

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