Friday, August 18, 2006

Brit Plane Lands Because of Suspected Bomb

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In Italy. It's breaking as we speak with no links yet available.

Update: The Guardian has a blurb:

ROME (AP) - A British passenger plane bound for Egypt landed at an airport in southern Italy on Friday after the pilot reported that a bomb was suspected to be on board, officials said. The plane requested an emergency landing in Brindisi, Italy's air traffic agency said.

The plane, a Boeing 767 with the Excel air carrier, had left from London's Gatwick airport and was bound for Hurghada, Egypt, officials said.

Update 2: In other terror news, intel shows that the leadership of al-Qaeda approved of the plot to blow up planes over the Atlantic. You know, the plot lefties say may not be real.

Al-Qaeda also has threatened to blow up the Taj Mahal. Islamo-fascists do have a history of destroying world treasures for no good reason.

Update 3: It appears as though it was a hoax.

German authorities say bombs found on trains may be terrorism:

WIESBADEN, Germany — German investigators said Friday that two bombs found last month on regional trains were likely linked to terrorists, but were cautious about drawing conclusions from Lebanon-related material found with the devices.

The bombs, made with gas canisters, were found July 31 on trains in Dortmund and Koblenz. Joerg Ziercke, the head of Germany's Federal Crime Office, said they apparently were supposed to explode 10 minutes before the trains' arrival at the stations.

"The scenario could have looked like this: two simultaneous bomb explosions in regional trains, a fireball ... burned-out train carriages, an undetermined number of injuries and possibly deaths, and possibly derailed trains too," Ziercke told reporters.

They've bombed subways in London and Madrid, but let's not get worried because it wasn't planned for peak times so only tens of people instaed of hundreds would've been killed.

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