Monday, July 24, 2006

Those Damn Fascist Neocons

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This guy thinks he has a point. I think he's just a misinformed dickhead.

Comparing the issues of today and how they are portrayed with the Nazi rise in Germany seems to be a favorite of the absurdly insane, modern progressives.

From Keith Olbermann giving the Nazi salute to the myriad anti-war types portraying Bush as Hitler, this whole thing is getting out of control.

I'll make it simple for you, idiot: Hitler set out to conquer Europe, exterminate the Jews and establish German dominance for a millenia. Bush attacked a country we were still at war with after going to the UN and enlisting the assistance of numerous countries. No asshole, no matter how many times you add it up (even if you take off your shoes), Bush does not equal Hitler.

You friggin morons make me sick. Enough of the Nazi salutes and fascist accusations. You're playing a game that is doing irreperable harm to our country to advance your cause and other lapdogs link to it. That is the sorry state of the left in this nation and you are all having a laugh over it.

I'd say you should be ashamed but you all are so far past shame that even comparing the rise of Nazi Germany to anything remotely connected to the Bush administration is normal practice that you don't shun but instead link to to get the greatest dissemination.

One last thing, do you remember Howie Dean's speech in Iowa? Who did that remind you of?

Update: My goodness, do these people ever stop? You'd think that when they didn't get the world to agree with the Bush=Hitler meme (actually people were appalled by it but not those who read blogs, because those of us who do know excatly where they are coming from) they'd have gotten the hint. No, they live in their own little world where Ned Lamont is president and Kos is dictator.

These are the people that allowed the Soviet Union to exist even though the policies enacted by Lenin, Stalin and Kruschev killed tens of millions. In short, they are useful idiots to use a phrase from one of the aforementioned.

Update: The idiots are freely available if you know where to look:

Gen. Kristol can talk all he wants about how Israel is dropping leaflets to tell people to get out of the way, but that doesn't excuse the fact that they are methodically targeting civilian populations in hopes that they kill the rats who live amongst them--and without any real concern for those civilians who aren't considerate enough to get out of their fiery path.

Americans like a fair fight. America has always championed the underdog because we started out as an underdog nation. Israel played on these sympathies to garner our support--and only the coldest anti-Semite would have refused to support a people with their tragic history in their struggle to forge a new nation. But when we see them dealing out so much death, now using outlawed phosperous (sic) bombs, is it time to put aside the Holocaust, the pogroms, the history, and deal with the present?

Alright Eugene, the present is simple. Israel is faced with the abduction of two of their soldiers. Any army, but especially one comprised of citizen soldiers must protect said soldiers.

Ah, nevermind.

Update: If you want a picture that is truly reminiscent of Nazi Germany, all you have to do is go to Lebanon.

Update 2: I missed this last night but Billmon spreads a some blood libel. He's got nothing on the Russians.

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