Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Socialized Medicine to Hit Frisco?

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One can hope. Make them the test case of what happens when socialized medicine is the prescription for a malady it can't cure:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted unanimously Tuesday to make the city the nation's first to provide all residents with health care, approving a plan that would give adults access to medical services regardless of their immigration or employment status.

Financed by local government, mandatory contributions from employers and income-adjusted premiums, the universal care plan would cover the cost of everything from checkups, prescription drugs and X-rays to ambulance rides, blood tests and operations.

Unlike health insurance, however, it would not pay for any services participants seek outside San Francisco. Instead, residents would receive care at existing clinics and public hospitals and from doctors who already participate in an HMO for low- and middle-income clients.

With backing from both Mayor Gavin Newsom and all 11 supervisors, the so-called Health Access Plan proved to be a politically popular concept in liberal San Francisco despite unmitigated opposition from the business community.

While I feel bad for those in Frisco who want good health care and doctors for their children, I am very happy with this. All the downside of socialized medicine will be writ large with a great example. Businesses and residents will leave in droves once they find out the true costs.

France, Britain, Canada and the list goes on. All struggling with high unemployment and poor medical care.

Let's watch and learn. It will end disastrously.

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