Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Israeli Troops Enter Lebanon

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Details are sketchy but CNN is reporting that tanks have crossed the border although official word from the IDF has not yet said this:

BEIRUT, Lebanon (CNN) -- Israeli ground troops have entered southern Lebanon on a mission to destroy outposts of the militant group Hezbollah, an Israel Defense Forces spokesman told CNN early Wednesday.

The spokesman said the troops are "close to the border." No further details were immediately available.

The IDF has blocked any escape for Hezbollah and see this as a unique chance to greatly weaken the terror group. If the Lebanese army can't eradicate them and offer Israel some security, the IDF seems ready to oblige. Some old scores are about to be settled it appears.

Tanks also entered Gaza:

Also Wednesday, Israeli tanks were rolling into a refugee camp in central Gaza, the IDF said. Israeli forces have been operating in parts of Gaza since one of its soldiers was captured June 25 by three militant groups.

Hezbollah did allow some access to a CNN reporter who--in a stunner--played it fair:

Hezbollah officials gave CNN exclusive access to the southern suburbs of Beirut -- the area thought to house the organization's headquarters, CNN's Nic Robertson reported.

Robertson noted that his tour of the area was hurried, and he could not confirm the group's claims that civilians were being targeted or that it had no weapons stockpiles.

Hezbollah members told him that morale is good, Robertson said.

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