Sunday, July 16, 2006

Rock Treasure Trove to Be Unveiled

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In lighter news, an archive of rock history compiled by the late Bill Graham awaits a look:

Up to 100,000 songs recorded and filmed between 1966 and 1991 by Bill Graham, the American concert promoter, languished in an underground basement in San Francisco for more than 10 years after his death.

The archive contains unseen footage of a legendary performance by the Who in 1973, when drummer Keith Moon collapsed and a student was picked from the audience to finish the show, and the final concert in 1978 by the Sex Pistols.

There are unknown performances by Led Zeppelin such as a version of Howlin’ Wolf’s Killing Floor, which they later rewrote as the Lemon Song, and a tousle-headed Elton John singing his 1970 ballad Your Song.

I imagine we'll see many new CD's released from this archive.

Keith Moon pic from this Belgian site which I can't read.

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