Sunday, July 16, 2006

Fighting Continues...

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Amidst unconfirmed reports that Hassan Nasrallah has been injured in a bombing run, the war rages on:

*The Left should be supporting Israel in this war. A Socialist takes a look at Israeli support. Kevin Drum must not have read it.

*Lebanon asks for UN deployment in the south.

*The Arab League backs Lebanon and also calls for UN intercession.

*Nine are killed by Hizbullah rockets in Haifa.

Update: Bush doesn't back down in supporting Israel's right to defend herself.

Also, Iran makes clear their support of Syria and promises a war. Mark Steyn has his thoughts were are never to be missed.

Update 2: The "progressive" Daily Kos continues their daily anti-Semitic diatribes. It seems the only progress they are making is the progress toward the full-fledged hatred of Israel exhibited previously by groups like the KKK and CAIR. Any Jews who are still Democrats are obviously not paying attention. Maybe they should.

ABC is not much better.

Update 3: Hot Air has an updated, link-rich post. PJ's Media is all over this story in a way that should make the major media outlets blush.

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