Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Please, Please Say This Is True

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We've talked of William Jefferson recently (he of the $90K in his freezer) and we've been talking about Valerie Plame's worse half for far longer than I care to think about. They both seem like pretty shady individuals. Perhaps they were shady together:

The Post also reports that investigators are examining a number of other companies linked to Jefferson, his wife, and various other relatives. While no details have leaked, and the seized documents have not yet yielded their secrets, it is quite probable that the bribery iGate’s owner has acknowledged is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the dubious business associations of Representative Jefferson.

Many other figures, some of them quite prominent, are likely to turn up as players in the temporarily suspended probe. Independent citizen-investigators, posting at such websites as Just One Minute, Macsmind, and Free Republic, have been poring over publicly-available documents and reports, in search of clues as to the identities of those as yet unnamed in the Jefferson investigation.

Few people outside these internet circles realize that one of those names may be Joseph C. Wilson IV.

It's way too intricate to grab the imagination of the country, unfortunately (kinda like Whitewater). But wouldn't it be great if the lefties had to watch their hero Joe Wilson do the perp walk after they were robbed of Rove doing it? What could be better?

This blogger-exposed story may well make Allah's list(s).

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