Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy 4th of July

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Enjoy the day made possible by good men who had a vision. Franklin, Washington, Knox and the rest who fought for or attained our freedom. Also the citizen soldiers who fought in Boston, New York, Trenton and Princeton. They survived brutal winters and scorching summers to allow us to be free.

I'm taking the kids to see their favorite baseball team the Padres play the lowly Phillies. Then it's on to a barbecue and fireworks.

Enjoy the day with friends and family.

A Great Independence Day post at Maggie's Farm from Bird Dog.

Also, never let forget the immortal words of Thomas Jefferson:

"The flames kindled on the Fourth of July, 1776, have spread over too much of the globe to be extinguished by the feeble engines of despotism; on the contrary, they will consume these engines and all who work them."

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