Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Gitmo Detainees to Get Geneva Rights

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The donks will spin this as a victory:

WASHINGTON, July 11 — In a sweeping change of policy, the Pentagon has decided that it will treat all detainees in compliance with the minimum standards spelled out in the Geneva conventions, a senior defense official said today.

The new policy comes on the heels of a Supreme Court ruling last month invalidating a system of military tribunals the Pentagon had created to try suspected terrorists, and just before Congress takes up the question of a replacement system in a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing today.

As part of its decision, the court found that a key provision of the Geneva conventions, known as Common Article 3, did apply to terror suspects, contradicting the position taken by the Bush administration.

What the Democrats won't acknowledge is the fact that the Bush administration believed--and rightly so in my opinion--that the detainees wore no sovereign nation's uniform so they were not to be treated with the right granted under the Geneva Convention.

That said, when SCOTUS said that the administration was wrong, Bush followed the opinion by granting them the rights. Again, the right thing to do.

I now have this question: Will the fact that detainees will now be afforded their rights under the Geneva Convention mean the lefties who've argued that the beheadings and mutilations of Americans were deserved because of previous treatment will now condemn said beheadings?

In other words, because the US will now treat the prisoners under Geneva protocols, doesn't that than mean that our captured soldiers and civilians should be treated the same?

I expect that to not be the case.

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