Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Bombings in Mumbai

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Seven bombs have exploded in Mumbai (Bombay) India. The death toll is in at least the forties and the attacks seem to have been well-coordinated.

PJ Media has a round-up.

As I noted in an update to this post, the MSM still won't label them terrorists:

More "rebellious" attacks in Bombay where Kasmiri "extremists" have detonated seven bombs killing innocent civilians. Just don't call them terrorists.

Update: It appears as though the "militants" orchestrated a civilian bloodbath. Srinagar also hit by bombings:

Militants then struck in the Regal Chowk area. Six people were injured when militants hurled a hand grenade on a Maruti car, police said. The car was extensively damaged in the attack.

In the afternoon, militants lobbed a hand grenade at a passing vehicle in city centre Lal Chowk, injuring five persons. Police said, a labourer, hailing from Bihar, succumbed to his injuries in the hospital. Minutes later, another grenade explosion resulted in injuries to five persons in the adjacent Abi-Guzar area.

It also appears that "reporter" Mukhtar Ahmad ran out of synonyms for "militants."

Update: 163 dead. Please, and I implore you, don't call them terrorists. The MSM would be quite upset.

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