Monday, June 19, 2006

Now They Want Quotas For Elected Positions?

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In their seemingly endless attempts to subvert democracy, the libs sound dangerously close to advocating for a quota on an elected position:

The legislative district that includes Seattle's Capitol Hill and Wallingford neighborhoods has one of the largest gay and lesbian populations in the state. It's also had a gay lawmaker in the state House almost continuously since 1987.

Some people believe that tradition should continue, once Rep. Ed Murray surrenders his 43rd District seat later this year.

Murray, who championed the gay-rights law passed by the Legislature in April, is leaving the House after 11 years in office to run for the state Senate. Before Murray, the late Cal Anderson held the district's other House seat for seven years. Anderson was the state's first openly gay lawmaker.

"We want to hold as many seats as possible," said Bill Dubay, a longtime gay-rights activist in Seattle, who lives outside District 43. "We feel that particular seat should be held from a member of our community."

In this distinctly liberal district, which features an 8 ½-ton statue of Vladimir Lenin in Fremont...

Emphasis mine. What community would that be, Mr. Dubay? Aren't we all from the American community? If Mr. Dubay had his way, the seat would only be open to those who are gay.

That is un-American to the extreme.

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