Monday, June 26, 2006

But They Support the Troops

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The mask has come off and now we see what the hard left really thinks of our troops:

This is life and death. These are the same soldiers murdering families at check points. The same soldiers who act as if the Iraqi's attacked us. Normal soldiers.

.... Evil is overwhelmingly banal in its occurences.

These soldiers will lie about killing when they return.

This is more of the same body-count, free-fire zone mentality from the Vietnam war.


If this is what is happening within our military ranks, we are in for major problems. The laughter in the background was ludicrous. This whole troop needs "diversity" training? Or, a major overhaul of mental and emotional attitudes! I blame our government for such a low level of humanity among our boy soldiers! When will they ever provide a man with a true understanding of warriorship? Mobster Boys are running our military and government!

And on and on...

Just don't question their patriotism. Dissent is patriotic don't you know? So is smearing our soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen to these jackals.

Via LGF.

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