Monday, June 26, 2006

Ann Coulter--Deadhead

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I was remiss in not posting this most excellent interview of Ann Coulter talking about being a Deadhead. My favorite part:

Oddly enough, I like the music. No one believes that I never took drugs at Dead shows (except for the massive clouds of passive marijuana smoke) but I went because I really liked the music. There are various groups I get enthusiastic about for awhile, but of all the music I've listened to over the years, the Grateful Dead is the one band I never grow tired of. Apparently, the same is true of me for ski-lift operators.

Moreover, I really like Deadheads and the whole Dead concert scene: the tailgating, the tie-dye uniforms, the camaraderie – it was like NASCAR for potheads. You always felt like you were with family at a Dead show – a rather odd, psychedelic family that sometimes lived in a VW bus and sold frightening looking “veggie burritos.” But whatever their myriad interests, clothing choices, and interest in illicit drugs, true Deadheads are what liberals claim to be but aren't: unique, free-thinking, open, kind, and interested in different ideas. Also, excellent dancers! Watching a Deadhead dance is truly something to behold.

This struck me also:

Also there was a big Deadhead Christian group that handed out terrific pamphlets at Dead shows. Admittedly, many of them found God staring into a puddle while high on LSD, but whatever the path, they were very serious Christians – they made Jerry Falwell sound like a secularist.

Either Bobby or Jerry was asked by a Rolling Stone interviewer to denounce all the Young Reaganites attending their concerts in the 80's, and whichever one it was not only refused to attack the young Republicans, but said he liked some of those “rightist” ideas. Consider that when the Dead decided to do something to save the Rain Forest, they didn't harangue poverty-stricken Third Worlders to give up washing machines and electricity. They did it the free market way: buying up parts of the Rain Forest, parcel by parcel.

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Do you Ever wonder why artistic people, actors and musicians vote green, or at least democrat and usually fit into the catigory of "Liberal"? Music activates the right hemisphere of the brain , the imagination. The places in the soul where dreams and feeling for others are born. Dreams can defy logic.
Music culture , especially that of the Grateful DEAD, is in harmony with human values , art , freedom, family, friends outer space and Earth .
It is creative and enjoyed by people who are in touch with creativity.
The Grateful Dead's music is very American in it's roots, taking on Negro Blues, country and Rag Time, as well as Blue Gras ..
The idea that any large numbers of Deadheads were or are republicans at heart and escaped their responsible jobs that ruin the country for everyone just to shake their booty is an invention of Anne Coulter who saw necessary to invent such an idea.
95 % of Environmentalists do not support War mongering administrations. I'll bet every Grateful Dead vinyl record I have that At least 90% of Constitutionalist who are truly in love with art and freedom, (not to be confused with FREEDUMB ), never supported bush jr or Senior period.

If Anne Coulter wants to attach her personal history to something "Hip" she may do so. But if she was really in touch with the humanity of the arts community and democracy of thought She would probably have given up her lying Spin pundant day job years ago.
Anne, maybe you like the music, but you never really let it sink in, you must think your way above it, how elite you are! I must say when I think of hipsters you’re not in the top 500.
I attended a Jam Band event down the Jersey Shore about a month ago and everyone I spoke to , and every bumper sticker I saw was anti bush, pro Ron Paul (WHo is really a libertarian, not a true republican) And pro Dennis Kucinich.
Lastly, I must say the irony is kind of fun, that Anne Coulter the ANTi LIBERAL, is a huge fan of the Grateful Dead (and maybe she is a fan in her own way) is likened
to a fan of factory farms and vegetarianism at the same time, it's just contradictory.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever thought about denouncing politics? Mr. Garcia was adamantly anti-politic, and said so on many occasions. I am pretty sure if you study history, you will find that this machine has been going for awhile, world-wide and in every capacity both left and right. Just listen/play music and be happy doing whatever is you do, and make sure you put your whole being into doing it. All the world's problems will seem like exactly what they are. Distractions on the way to becoming yourself.

CDeWeese said...

TJK Haywood,you are not a free thinker.
You are part of the liberal think tank.
Nuff said.

KraftDirchFruede said...

The Dead's music had nothing to do with politics. And that is garble that that you become liberal if you use the right side of your brain by listening to music. Ann makes a good point that Deadheads would probably agree with the more conservative/libertarian approach of letting people do what they want unless it hurts someone else. Ann recently endorsed Ron Paul as the most promising candidate except that she disagrees with his views on foreign policy. Though I personally hate GWB, she defended him for some reason but she would use good reasoning for her arguments. What people need to get away from is the Left/Right paradigm. We fight each other over stupid little things that don't matter when we have criminal elitists politicians, bankers, etc. ripping off the whole country and further taking away our liberties as Americans. So stop toting the Democrat or Republican talking points because both parties are controlled by the same globalist interests that completely disregard the Constitution and our sovereignty.