Friday, November 16, 2007

Quick Hits and Must Reads

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Lots of new posts below, headlines here.

Patterico notes an interesting decision by the ultra-liberal 9th Circus Court of Appeals on the "state secrets" issue. Screw you

Bird Dog takes his alma mater Columbia to task for their "PC weeniness." The Ivy League luster is not so lustrous anymore. What a damn shame.

Catholics and illegal immigration. Say five Hail Mary's and call me in the manana.

Muslims, Christians and a Bishop celebrating mass in a church in Baghdad. 'Nuff said except thanks to Michael Yon for bringing us the stories we'd never hear about otherwise.

Our Allies the Saudi's; destroying every single shread of women's God-given rights at every opportunity. I've not heard much from the NOW crowd about this, have you? Let's see what could possibly be more important that a raped woman receiving such a sentence:

A NOW staffer joining the Clinton campaign...check.
The abortion pill availability at Wal-Mart...check.
Supporting illegal immigrants...check.
A Saudi woman being sentenced to jail and lashes for the crime of being uh, nothing. Here's what they have under the search term "Saudi", defending American women military pilots and slamming American companies. Nice NOW, perhaps there was a woman exposed to a man telling a dirty joke and they had to attend to that and missed the story.

Krauthammer on our sudden popularity in the world. A definite must read.

And finally, a picture of the Pine Barrens in South Jersey. Most people think of New Jersey as Newark and Bayonne, this is the heart of where I live, a million square acres of pine forest and lakes.

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