Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hitchens Chimes In on Kerry

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And eviscerates him in short order:

The senator's labored defense of himself is so lame that it has to be true. He had intended (pause for thigh-slapping and guffawing) to make a truly original joke about the IQ and educational level of the chief executive. His crack team of gag-writers had toiled on the joke and combed all the bugs out of it. It was there, poised on the pad and ready for launch. And it fizzled. (Funny--that punchline usually activates the easy-laugh track, as Messrs. Leno, Stewart, Maher and Colbert demonstrate with airy ease practically every night of the week.) And out of the syntactic chaos came the impression that Mr. Kerry thought only a dumb jerk could end up in uniform in Iraq.

Kerry could've ended this the day it broke. Instead the his stunted intelligence told him to go out and challenge a President who had nothing to do with it at all. Kerry proved that he is an New England elitist who is so politically tone deaf as to be an amateur. How can a career politician do something so stupid?

The easy answer is that he is indeed an idiot and he continues his idiocy today.

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