Monday, October 10, 2005

The Carnival of the RINO's

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Sorry about the late RINO posting, but hey, better later than really later. It’s been a long week and it’s only Monday. Starting with the Eagles suffering an ass-kicking by the hated Cowgirls. I’m full of piss and venom and can’t wait to get this carnival started. Link also at TTLB.

The Harriet Miers selection as SCOTUS nominee has split the elephants. I tend to take a wait and see approach, but first impressions are not exactly instilling any great feeling toward her.

Enrevanche slams the Religious Right and sees this is no big deal:

The sound that you hear from the far-right-wing blogosphere and traditional conservative media commentariat, however, is the sound of a bunch of extremist religious and cultural conservatives finally waking up to the fact that the Bush family has been using them like a cheap whore at a bachelor party.

I must contact him and get invited to the bachelor parties he attends.

Update: I somehow overlooked Don Surber. I read him often and didn't even notice he was not included. He has thoughts on Harriet Miers also.

The Recovering Democrat; heretofore known around these parts as the Recovering Donk is against Miers because of her support for affirmative action.

The Commissar has checked in with a list spelling out his thoughts.

The other Prof who answers to Bainbridge wonders which West Wing crony “President” Bartlett would choose. As long as it’s not his irritating wife or Alan Alda, It wouldn’t matter.

Larry Bernard finds himself agreeing with paleocon Phyllis Schafly with regard to Miers.

Onto the selection of ElBaradei and his inept agency as the winners of the 2005 Nobel Peace Prize.

Nick agrees with my assessment that this was a ridiculous selection that further reduced the prestige of a once proud organization. Hey, if Hans Blix agrees, that should be good enough for us all, right?

Generic Confusion concurs. It’s amazing that we have found an issue where us RINO’s all tend to agree.

Politechnical has an excellent post about the same topic.

Pigilito sends a public service message that will make all guys think twice about jumping on a bike. I now finish this post with my legs crossed.

The Louisiana Libertarian is watching the steady flow of pork make its way to ravaged LA. Politicians are always trying to increase those alligator farmer votes. He has done excellent work during this entire event.

More on Katrina and the money hole at Tom Rants.

Say Uncle risks losing his “libertarian street cred”. Whatever, there’s always a spot with the RINO’s if you need a place to land.

Over at Big Cat, a great essay on the dumbing down of news at the bigger newspapers.

The Affable Rachel at Tinkerty Tonk puts things in there proper perspective. We may disagree with Bush about a lot of issues, but the glue that keeps us supporting him is the only political issue that matters.

The always good Dean Esmay has a high quality post on eminent domain and the 5th Amendment. The Kelo decision is going to have seriously far-reaching ramifications. A smart and thoughtful politician…uh, never mind.

Respectful Insolence talks of political classifications that are passe at best:

The bottom line is that "traditional" political descriptions of right and left seem to be breaking down these days. They were always rather simplistic to begin with, but with the group in power today they've become totally inadequate to describe what is going on now. We now have an ostensibly "conservative" President who does some of the most un-conservative things you can imagine.


The Charging Rino has numerous posts on topics as divergent as legislative shenanigans, Senator McCain’s anti-torture legislation, Judge Roy Moore’s decision to run for Alabama governor and the Bush adminstration’s sudden concern with energy conservation.

More on the McCain legislation over at the very good-looking site Restless Mania.

The Ex-Donk examines the two-party electoral system and finds it lacking when compared to other systems. My thoughts are that we could have another party if someone would surface who can espouse common sense views without being labeled. In fact, Diggers Realm may have found one.

John at Argghhh! Writes about politics and military intervention. Also, my Navy brethren not only beat the USAF on the field, they beat them pre-game also.

The media sense blood in the water and have been hammering the Bush administration ceaselessly. Decision ’08 thinks it time to hammer back and has some thoughts as to how.

Classical Values has a post on the single least covered story last week that deserves a lot more attention.

If I left anyone out, please e-mail me and let me know.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful Atrocities is too lazy to post, but notes that hard Right poster boy Rick Santorum trailing BADLY behind Dem challenger in Penn. Maybe Rick will turn out to be the Daschle of the Right, going too extreme in his quest for natl office so that he loses his own state voters

Anonymous said...

Great read! We put a link to your edition in the Rino Sighting's Blog Carnival archive. I invite you to take a look at the other carnivals there, too (over 100).