Friday, October 07, 2005

Not a Nobel Decision

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The Nobel Peace Prize used to mean something. Deserving folks such as Teddy Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr, Oscar Arias and the Dalai Lama received this once prestigious award. Lately, however, Nobel's prize has become a joke.

The latest recipient is IAEA head Mohamed ElBaradei of Egypt. What an utter sham.

The peace prize is awarded for contributing to world peace and generally creating a safer world. Let's examine what Mr. ElBaradei has done to promote world peace.

His agency--also a co-winner of the prize--has been investigating Iran over the past several years attempting to determine the extent of their nuclear program. Under the watchful eye of the IAEA, Iran has developed a nuclear program that most likely is at the point of manufacturing a weapon if they have not already.

Also under the nose of the IAEA, North Korea has built up an arsenal of nuclear warheads.

This leads us to only one possible conclusion; that the selection of Mr. ElBaradei and his feckless organization was another slam at President Bush and America sinced America was at the forefront of opposing the leadership of ElBaradei.

Of course this is nothing new as they've previously made their intentions known with regard to awarding the Nobel to another one of the hapless NoKo negotiators; Jimmy Carter.

Other winners that have destroyed the original intent of the founder were Kofi Annan and Yassir Arafat.

It's a sad day when even the Nobel Peace Prize means nothing.

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