Wednesday, December 07, 2016

The Trump Momentum Keeps Building-Former Enron Advisor Paul Krugman Hardest Hit

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Has there ever been a bigger reaction to a president-elect and his everyday decisions? How about all sectors of the economy reacting so positively? I've never seen it except maybe when Reagan won but I don't remember it that well.

Anyway, more good news comes rolling in today; the Dow passed a new high in 12 sessions since Trump beat Hillary. Let's start with this:

"November's Trump effect still fuels the Dollar with optimism over Donald Trump implementing fiscal stimulus measures reinforcing expectations of an improvement in overall US GDP. A strong rise in inflation from healthy growth could force the Federal Reserve to raise US interest rates aggressively in an effort to prevent the economy from overheating," Lukman Otunuga, research analyst at FXTM, said in a note.

When was the last time you heard about the economy overheating? It sure as hell wasn't any time in the last eight years.

And how about this:

As of Wednesday's close, the Dow has posted gains in 18 of the past 22 sessions and 12 record closes since the election. The S&P and the Nasdaq, meanwhile, have risen 4.8 percent and 3.9 percent since Nov. 8, respectively.

Honestly, this is incredible. 

And what about the asshole with the anti-Midas touch Paul Krugman? This clown was an advisor to Enron and Enron tanked. He won a Nobel in economics but then Obama won one for peace and has invaded more countries than Bush and Cheney. He said on election night that the Markets would tank incredible amounts and has been a huge proponent of Obama's action on economic matters. In short, the guy is always wrong. Here's some more of his predictions in the event you want a good laugh. 

Think about what we are seeing. Trump continues to do everything politicians aren't supposed to do; he takes a call from the president of Taiwan and when China complains he tweets out that he doesn't care. He's choosing those who he wants and giving the finger to anyone who disagrees. He had an excellent moment on the Today show where douchebag Matt Lauer questioned his daily tweeting and Trump essentially said I don't need you Matt and intimated that he reaches more people tweeting than he could on that lame show. The guy is breaking all the rules.

Today he also selected a guy who sued the EPA to lead the EPA. As an aside, I'm in the environmental business and believe in good environmental policy but policy that works with businesses and doesn't stymie them. The EPA has been out of control for a decade and we need a robust discussion on global warming that includes all sides of the issue, Trump signaled he is looking at it the same way. 

This is going to be some ride and one that will change America more than any other in modern times. I don't believe there's been this much discussion of an incoming president in my lifetime and January 20th cannot get here soon enough. 

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