Monday, December 05, 2016

The Democrats Still Don't Get It

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Here we are nearly 3 week out from an historic election and the Democrats still seem baffled as to how they lost. They had (they thought) a brilliant, respected woman with (what they consider) a sparkling resume running against (what they consider) a racist, misogynistic blowhard with no experience. Plus, she was going to continue the excellent policies of the light bringer Obama and every one (except those racist conservatives) loves Obama, right?

Uh, wrong.

Instead of really taking a good hard look at exactly what happened in the election and being introspective, they've blamed voter fraud, fake news, racism, the idiocy of the electorate and every single thing but what the real reason was. Nancy Pelosi says everything is just fine and still lives by the adage that when Democrats win it's because they are brilliant but when they lose the electorate is a bunch of uneducated simpletons.

That's not to say there aren't a few voices in the wilderness that are trying to get the party's attention.

During the election, Secretary Hillary Clinton levied a million arguments for why Trump wasn’t fit for the presidency. He was accused of hating women, gays, Latinos, Jews, Muslims, and overweight beauty queens. He had a bad temperament. He was a Russian spy. He bankrupted contractors. He hadn’t paid taxes since the 1980s. His skin was orange and his hair fake.Since the election, we’ve stuck to the same script. His chief strategist is a white supremacist. His cabinet picks are Islamophobic. His business interests are in conflict with Washington protocol.But guess what? Most voters didn’t – and still don’t – care. In the Rust Belt and rural communities, they have bigger problems to tackle. Idle factories, saw mills, and coal mines. Families falling apart from opioid addiction. Incomes that have less buying power than 40 years ago. Kids living at home because they are swamped with student debt.They’re running out of hope.
Yes they are and Pelosi continues to say the Democrats are the party of the American worker but the American worker doesn't agree. The Democrats changed from the party of the blue collar worker to the party of big banks and globalism. In short, they've become Liberal Republicans. They still don't get it because they get millions from unions so the union vote is in the pocket, right? Uh, no, the union guys defied their locals and national leaders and voted for Trump. It appears to have paid off in the case of Carrier regardless of how much in tax breaks it costs. 

The middle class person also has had enough of feeling helpless when it comes to the culture wars. Yes, they get that gay marriage is now normal and are fine with it but it didn't stop there. It was carried to the point where they actually wanted to allow men access to a woman's bathroom in public places. When the average centrist person said I don't think that is safe for my daughter they were labeled a hater or a homophobe. If they were skeptical on global warming they were labeled a denier, if they spoke out about illegal immigration and the effects it had on our nation they were labeled racists and if they honestly were appalled that we didn't even attempt to rescue those under attack in Benghazi they were told to stop hating on Hillary and stop reading Breitbart when many had no idea what the hell Breitbart is. When they honestly objected to the email scandal they were shouted down and told that everyone did it. When they read about the DNC stealing a nomination they weren't told anything at all, just plain ignored. 

And still they thought that their normal supporters loved Hillary. They scoffed when Trump went into Michigan, New Hampshire and Wisconsin because the people there would never vote against Hillary. They laughed when Trump went into inner cities and talked about school choice to all black crowds. They chuckled when polls showed Trump catching up or even leading. They had no coherent strategy when it finally dawned on them that they could actually lose. 

And Democratic supporters still don't understand. They were told that Hillary had it in the bag from Huffington Post, MSNBC, CNN and NPR. How could she lose? And now, instead of reining their party in, they're allowing it to sue for recalls and essentially saying to the voters the system is rigged. 

I'm fine with it actually. If the Dems want to re-elect Nancy Pelosi as speaker, I'm just groovy with it. If they want to elect an anti-Semite to lead the DNC, I'm fine with it. If they want to continue to push back against police while supporting looters, I'm just peachy with that. If they want to block attempts to stop illegal immigration and the influx of refugees, I say let them. But by continuing on as they are, they will have to watch 2-4 conservative supreme court judges be seated, watch as the entire foreign policy of America is reconfigured, watch as Obama's legacy is torn down brick by brick and watch as Trump brings jobs back to America and our nation resumes her rightful place in the world. 

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