Friday, December 09, 2016

The Democrats Reap What Harry Sowed

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Back when the GOP was filibustering Obama nominees, the vile Harry Reid went there and invoked the "nuclear option" essentially kneecapping the filibuster. me and many other conservatives said that the Democrats should be very, very careful in their actions since they wouldn't hold power forever and we were laughed at because we were too stupid to realize that Hillary was a shoe in.

And here we are. The GOP owns it all and the very worst fears of the donkeys have come to pass, Trump is the man calling the shots and he's about to seat a cabinet that gives them the vapors. Mattis, Sessions, Flynn and the others are freaking them out--much like we had reservations about many of Obama's picks.

Unfortunately for them but fortunately for the country they can't do a damn thing about it. They crossed the line of the nuclear option and thus cut their own legs out from under them. The filibuster was put in place because of situations like this but they were too impetuous and immature to play by the rules. Just as Obama expanded presidential power to unseen lengths, the Dems are stuck with the bed they made.

And this also applies to the Supreme Court nominee Trump will announce in a couple of months. He can pick anyone and the donks are stuck with it.

I wish I could muster up at least one bad feeling for them but they made the new rules and will have to live with them. I anticipate many tears and strongly worded editorials from the MSM but Trump has made clear they can go screw themselves so as an avid follower of politics, I'll greatly enjoy this show. The only thing that would make it better would be if Harry Reid was still around to have to live this fun.

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